Best Soccer Betting Sites To Bet On Soccer

When considering online soccer betting, it's important to find the best soccer betting sites. Not only do you want to make sure they have all of the betting options you're interested in, but you should also make sure they offer betting on the most entertaining leagues. To help you find the best sites, we've put together a complete soccer betting guide. Hopefully, you'll have a better understanding once you get done reading our guide.

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Strategies for Soccer Betting

Before jumping onto any websites, it's important to know what you should consider when placing your bets. These things all contribute to the odds of winning and some teams are going to have better odds than others. Once you know more about each consideration, you'll be able to use them to analyze each team.

Players Injuries: The first consideration has to do with players' injuries. You'll want to look at each team and see how many players have gotten injured. You'll also want to see what kind of injuries they've had because worse injuries are going to result in worse games.

Home Ground: Next, you'll want to consider home ground, which is pretty much the same thing as home-field advantage. For the most part, a team playing on their own field is going to do better than they would if they were playing on the opposite team's field.

Current Form: Current form is how well or bad a team is playing. By looking at this information, you can get a pretty good idea of how they'll do in an upcoming match. Usually, a bad team will keep playing badly and a good team will keep doing well.

Importance of Match: Another consideration is how important the match is. For instance, an all-star game is going to be more important than one that happens during the regular season. Most of these important matches will require a bigger bet and result in bigger winnings.

Betting Lines: Playing formats is the way the bets are set up. The most common ones are decimals and fractions. The decimal is the percentage payout you'll get back on your original bet. For example, if you bet $10 at 1.2, you'll get back $12. The fraction is the potential payout as a fraction of your original bet. This is then added to the original bet. For example, if you bet $10 at 1/2, you'll get back $15 because half of 10 is 5 and you add that to the original bet.

Finally, you'll want to analyze the team's strengths and weaknesses. Once you know this for each team, you'll want to compare those to the ones of the other team. By doing this, you'll be able to have a good idea of how the match will go and who you should bet on.

Recommended Soccer Betting Lines

It's also important to know some of the most common bets. The good news is that most of these are very common, so the majority of the best soccer betting sites will have them. Make sure you do research and learn as much as you can about each of these soccer betting options.

Full-Time Result: Full-time result is when you bet on the results at the end of a normal timed game. You have 1 of 3 options, which are team A wins, team B wins or the game will end in a tie.

Correct Score: This is one of the most popular and easiest ways to bet. All you have to do to win is guess the correct score at the end of the game. To win, your guess has to be exact.

Goals Over/Under: With goals over/under bets, you'll first want to decide the number you want such as 2.5. With this number, you're betting that there will be 2 or fewer goals scored or 3 or more goals scored.

Both Teams to Score: This bet is extremely easy to win. Instead of placing a bet on who wins the game, you're betting that both teams will score at least 1 goal before the final whistle. If both score, then you win!

Asian Handicap: In simple terms, an Asian handicap bet is where teams have a handicap based on their form. This type of betting requires better teams to win by more goals. Basically, it takes away the chance that there will be a tie and the team you bet on will either win or lose.

Draw No Bet: A draw no bet wager is another popular option. Basically, the person who bets will win if the team they are betting on wins. If their team loses, then they lose and if there is a tie then the person who bets will be refunded.

How to Choose the Best Soccer Betting Sites

With online soccer betting, it's important to know how to choose the best sites. Not only will they offer the majority of these things, but they'll have decent reviews. Before depositing any money or placing any bets, make sure the site is reputable and in good standing.

Bonuses & Promotions: The first thing to look for is bonuses and promotions. These will differ from site to site, but many of them offer things like bonus money when you make a deposit or extra features once you deposit a certain amount. You should be able to see all of the bonuses and promotions they currently have by visiting the specific web-pages.

Live Betting: Live betting is the ability to place a bet after the game has started. Some places will only allow you to bet before, but those that allow live betting means you can see how the game is going before you place your bets.

Live Streaming: Live streaming is where the game is streamed live online. With this feature, you'll be able to go to the betting website and watch the game in real-time. This is great for those that aren't around a television while the game is going.

Mobile Betting on Soccer: Some websites will create an app or make their website mobile-friendly. This lets you check out the website while you're out and about.

User Interface: It's extremely important that the website you're considering is user friendly. Let's face it, people don't want to visit a site that's lagging or glitchy. They also don't want to go to a website where they can't find anything.

Best Betting Odds: Obviously, you want to have a good chance of winning when you place bets. The preferred website would be one that has decent odds. You should be able to find this information right on the site.

Reputation: Finally, you want to make sure the website you're using is reputable and accredited. This is even more true when you consider how much you might spend on betting. If possible, look at reviews and see what their BBB rating is.

Most Entertaining Leagues for Soccer Betting

There are some leagues that are much more entertaining for soccer betting than others. Many of these have some fantastic players and astonishing plays. While you can definitely bet on other leagues, these are the most entertaining and fun to bet on.

UEFA Champions League: This is an annual competition hosted by the Union of European Football Association. Only the champions compete in this and the best team is the winner.

UEFA Europa League: This competition happens every year and has been around since 1971. Eligible European soccer clubs compete with each other. Eligibility is based on how the team performs during their national leagues and cup competitions.

English Premier League: This league is the highest in England. It has 20 clubs competing and is based on a promotion and removal system.

Spanish La Liga: The Spanish La Liga is the highest men's professional league in the Spanish soccer system. It has 20 teams competing and the bottom 3 teams are removed and replaced by the top 2 teams and playoff winners of the season.

German Bundesliga: This is a professional soccer association in Germany and is the country's primary competition. It has the highest average attendance in the world.

Italian Serie A: The Italian Serie A is a competition for the teams at the top of the Italian soccer league. The award for the winner is the Scudetto and the Coppa Campioni d'Italia.

French Ligue 1: The French Ligue 1 is a French professional men's soccer league. It's at the top of the French soccer league system and is France's primary soccer competition.

Dutch Eredivisie: The Dutch Eredivisie is the highest level of professional soccer in the Netherlands. It was founded in 1956 and has 18 clubs competing.


Like many other things, people tend to have quite a few questions about soccer betting. These are just a few that are asked the most, but there are others that aren't as common. If you have questions that aren't answered here, don't be afraid to reach out to a professional or any of the websites you're considering.

Q: How do I read soccer odds?

A: Most of the numbers by your team will be written in fraction form. The first thing you need to do is figure out the fractions. For instance, if it says your team has odds of 4/1, then every dollar you bet on your team will give you a return of 4 plus the $1 you bet. The number on the right side of the line is the amount you'll have to invest, while the number on the left side is how much you'll earn if you invest the amount on the right side. Taking the 4/1 example from earlier, you'll see that you would need to invest $1 to make a $4 return.

Q: In soccer, what is a 3-way money line?

A: A 3-way money line in soccer is when you make 1 of 3 bets. These are team A to win, team B to win or a tie between both teams. Keep in mind, you'll automatically lose the bet if something like overtime or shootout play happens.

Q: What sport is the easiest to bet on?

A: If you're a huge fan of soccer, then it will be easiest for you to bet on. You'll understand everything about the game and you'll be able to make the best bets based on past information.

Q: How often does the FIFA World Cup happen?

A: The FIFA World Cup happens every 4 years. Every time it happens, it's held in a different country or area.

Now that you've read this guide, you're ready to jump into soccer betting. Not only do you know what to take into consideration when placing bets, but you also have a list of betting options. You should have an easier time choosing the best sites and placing bets that will give you the best odds of winning.