Betting was always a crucial part of cricket, however, as cricket becomes more popularised, betting demands have grown on a global level. While online cricket betting meets these needs, the complex game and crowded market can seem overwhelming. Knowing the basic ins and outs will save a tremendous amount of time.

Cricket almost certainly originated in England, and to date, it is their preferred summer sport. It is uncertain when cricket originated although historians presume it was between the 13th and 16th century. Some say it began as a children's game while others claim the game predated back to English shepherds who passed the time by playing cricket. The latter is plausible as cricc is an archaic word for staff, which the shepherds used as their bat. Today a few different versions of cricket are played reaching as far as Sri Lanka, India, Australia, South Africa, and West Indies.

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Online Cricket Betting Strategy

Strategizing will require looking at a few a range of factors. A few things worth honing into at first is the venue, terrain, climate, and weather. Location and weather are two of the most vital components in sports. A change in wind direction or a quick rain can turn an entire game around. It is crucial to understand where players are playing, but also how the players respond to conditions where they are playing. 

Studying the form of teams and the individual players will help with this. is the top site to obtain such information. The International Cricket Council posts team, individual, and past rankings along with information about the conditions of a series.Leading run scorers rank as top batsmen while leading wicket-takers rank top bowlers.

It may also help to look through the archives of previous test matches to decern what conditions suit the batsman or bowlers at the test venues. The detailed information regarding weather and form of players is updated and listed on ICC.

A couple of other things to pay attention to are the team lineup and the coin toss. If a key player is missing due to injury, this is a crucial factor to consider when strategizing a bet. Losing the best batsman is not an end-all, but it can be detrimental, especially if the opposing team takes advantage of the fact.

The last thing to look out for is the coin toss. Many never think twice about it is another overlooked detail that can be detrimental. If the team that wins the coin toss can strategically match their strengths and weaknesses with the conditions around them, they may have easily won the game already. Do not underestimate the coin toss. 

Popular Betting Markets for Cricket

The online cricket betting markets change from time to time and from game to game. However, using the strategies above, the best markets to look out for are: To Win the Match, Leading Run Scorer, and Leading Wicket Taker.

For ODI and T-20 try these markets: To Win the Match, Top Team Bowler, Top Team Batsman, Highest Individual Score, Most Run Outs, Player Performances, and To Win the Toss.

Online Cricket Betting Guide

Before placing bets, register with an online sportsbook. Some of them are not accessible to all locations. You will have to check the websites before registering or use a VPN to get around the white noise. Here are a few preferred choices to consider:

Bet365 is one of the largest bookmakers in the UK with more than 19 million customers. They do not have a welcome offer. However, they have a user-friendly interface and a wide array of sports and games. There is a substantial selection of cricket games with live streaming and live betting. 

888Sport is one other bookmaker that has been in business for a long time and has a great reputation. They offer quick payouts, a substantial selection of cricket games to bet on, and high betting odds. 888Sport offers bonuses for deposits among other promotions that they run from time to time, making them one of Bet365's fiercest competitors.

BetWay is competitive because it offers features Bet365 does not. BetWay does have welcome offers, however, they lack the cricket selection that Bet365 and 888Sport offers. BetWay is a great starting point but it may mot be enough to satisfy an avid cricket better.

1Xbet is a hidden treasure not known to many. Its original conception was for countries like Russia and Armenia. 1xbet offers substantial cricket games and the betting odds offered are relatively high. The only downside - help may be hard to find if it's needed.

Next, find an e-wallet. Some websites accept credit cards, PayPal, and other forms of payment. However, most transactions are country to country, therefore, having an e-wallet is more secure and consistent, and it's less of a hassle. Neteller or Skrill are popular e-wallets that most online bookmakers accept.

There are three different versions of cricket: Test, One Day Cricket (ODI), and Twenty 20 (T-20). Test Cricket is the traditional game of cricket played over five days. As the name indicates, it is a test of endurance and strategy. For One Day Cricket, each team is allowed 50 overs, and the game concludes in a day. This version of cricket gained popularity in the 70's. T-20 is the most recent version and the quickest game. Each team has 20 overs, and the game concludes in a few hours. 

At this point, it is best to do some research and strategize before placing a bet. Strategically, the urgency is higher the quicker the game. T-20 games will test instincts and sharpness while Test games test patience and endurance. 

Twenty 20 Cricket Leagues

Indian Premier League is a professional league founded in 2007 in India. Players from Indian cities form teams and play in April and May each year. The IPL has a large fanbase. In 2010, it was the first in the world to live stream a sporting event on YouTube.

Australia Big Bash League is a professional league founded in 2011 in Australia. The players come from eight Australian cities and play in December and January each year. The BBL is one of the sports leagues with the most attendees. Their most successful team is the Perch Scorchers with three titles to their name. 

South Africa Ram Slam T20 League is a professional league in South Africa founded in 2003 that hosts the Ram Slam Challenge every year. While it only consists of six teams, Ram Slam invited Zimbabwe to be the seventh team during the 2007-2008 tournament. The Titans are the reigning champion with five titles under their belt.

Pakistan Super League is a professional league in Pakistan founded in 2015 and has six teams competing in February through March. The PSL functions as one unit, each franchise owned and regulated by investors rather than being independently owned. 

Bangladesh Premier League is a professional league founded in Bangladesh in 2011 and competes in November. It consists of seven franchises, and it is one of the three leagues in Bangladesh. BPL is popular and favored around the world.

Caribbean Premier League is a professional league in the Caribbean created in 2013 and comprised of six teams. Each team has one local and one international player, and the teams compete between June and August.

England NatWest T20 Blast League is a professional league in England and Wales created in 2013. There are eighteen teams split into two divisions, each having nine teams. NatWest Blast is one of the more recent leagues, however, standing out in the crowd by offering 'Finals Day.' On Finals Day, the semi-finalists and finalists play one after the other, which sort of flirts with its predecessor, One Day Cricket.

Sri Lanka Premier League is a professional league in Sri Lanka created in 2011 and consists of seven teams. Due to funding issues, SLPL started out slow. However, they gain more and more momentum each year.

Cricket has been a long time favorite sporting event all over the world. Newer and shorter versions of the game make it even more accessible. Although cricket is a highly complex game, it is not impossible to learn. In fact, men, women, children, and elders all over the world enjoy a good game of cricket.

Of course, if you're not playing cricket, you're watching and betting. Online cricket betting is the new phenomenon that gets bigger and better every year. Remember the cricket betting basics: 

  • Find a sports-book that aligns with your needs and your level of expertise
  • Strongly consider using an e-wallet for your online betting
  • Choose a version of cricket: Test, ODI, T-20
  • Gather as much info as possible
  • Pay close attention to venue, weather, the coin toss, and any significant injuries

When it's all said and done, there is one thing more important than strategy or anything else... Have fun! If you're not having a laugh, what's the point?

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