A patent bet comprises seven different bets made in three selections. This term can also be used to refer to three different bets on seven different matches or events. The odds selected to cover all possible outcomes warranting profits even in the case that six are wrong. These three choices encompass; 1 tremble, three single beds, and three double beds.

How does patent bet work?

As the bet entails seven different bets, each bet goes for a dollar; hence to make a patent bet, you'll require seven dollars. Your winning chances depend on the odds placed and the selections made. As it entails multiple bets, at least one win is assured. The winning one bet is relatively lower than the whole bet.

Patent Bet Breakdown

Image: Patent Bet Composition Table

How to calculate it?

Placing this kind of bet can prove hectic as it requires a lot of calculations. Starting might be easy, but it gets harder and tiresome. Worry less, as there is an automated calculator that can help you during patent betting. All the automatic calculator requires is the amount you place for the three choices you have made. The calculator displays the likely winners hence making your work easier.

Patent bets on horse racing and sports

In sports, especially football, these bets are widespread as they are easier to win even on single selections. Football attracts a large audience globally who end up patent betting to increase their chances of winning great amounts of money.

In horse racing, three horses are involved, whereby you bet on the horse you think is more likely to win on each selection. This is a win-win situation as you get to bet on all three, making one of your selections a sure bet. Horse racing is enjoyable to watch, and guarantees a return despite the outcomes.

How does a Super Patent bet work?

These bets work by covering all possible areas that might lead to winning. For example, in the case of horse races, all horses in the race are betted on; hence no total loss can occur. Your win will depend on the odds placed on the winning horse; for example, if you placed the least odds on the winning horse, the returns made will be significantly lower than if you placed the highest bets on the horse.

Pros and Cons


  • Unlike other bets, these bets ensure no total losses are made.
  • These bets maximize your chances of winning by allowing you to bet on different events
  • Amounts won in these bets are higher compared to single bets


  • These bets can make you lose hope, especially since you have to evaluate different events and bet on each, placing different odds.
  • The possibility of guessing the right winner is close to impossible.

How to place a bet?

While making this bet, you must make three choices through an online bookmaker of your choice, then click the multiple bets option selecting "Patent." If you need help deciding the odds to place, you can use the bet calculator to increase your chances of winning. After placing your bets, relax and wait for the results of the games.


How many selections need to win for this bet to be profitable?

One win among the three selections guarantees returns, but more than this ensures profits are made. Two correct selections are enough to return your investment and make some profit while at it.

Is this type of bet good?

Compared to other bets that involve the risk of losing all your investment, these bets are the best as they minimize the occurrence of total losses.

How many bets are in this type of bet?

There are seven bets in this type of bet, as it includes three single beds, three double beds, and a single treble.

How does an each-way Patent work?

An each-way patent involves making double bets on each choice, making it 14 bets at the end. It is double the normal patent which makes the profits higher.

What are these bets made up of?

It consists of a three-segmented bet where seven odds are placed to predict the game's outcome or horse ride.

These kinds of bets are better as they assure recovering the stake placed while betting, unlike other bets where one stands a chance of losing everything.

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