​Just what is an accumulator bet? This is a type of betting which, within a single wager, uses four selections or more. This betting type allows the betting party gains from placing the bet, but only when and if all parts being placed to bet with are simultaneous winners. Returns would be calculated as if the accumulator transpired had not included the selection, on the occasion that there is a non-runner situation at hand. As a good example of this particular situation, six-fold bets would turn into five-fold bets. Standard rules would dictate what would happen with dead heats in a winning position. In that case, they would be settled at with lower odds.

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Accumulator Bet types

Accumulator odds would be further enhanced by bonuses happening at fixed percentages, which are made readily available through certain bookmakers (or bookies). Accumulator bets also go by the nicknames of "multiples" or "accas" or "parlays" across the betting sub-culture. If you've ever heard either of these terms being uttered by a sports fan, then they may have been referring to an accumulator bet within the conversation.

From each event that an accumulator is made for, selections can't be included into a singular accumulator. The reason for this is to avoid cheating, wherein a better may attempt to place more than one selection on the same bet, thus increasing their odds unfairly for other betters. Since there is a sort of "one bet takes all" mentality with accumulator bets, certain betters prefer to take their chances towards folds of their past wagers. That way there's still the possibility of gaining some sort of return from their efforts, despite not all of their selections being winning selections. To give one such example, let's say there's someone placing a 6-fold bet as an accumulator and they've also chosen to place a bet on a few tinier 5-fold accumulator bets. In the case that one of their bets are unsuccessful, at least they've got something to show for it afterward.

How does it work?

Accumulator type bets have a number of types. To make up an accumulator, there needs to be at least 4 selections or more being made within the same bet. There do exist accumulator types that possess less than 4 selections, though they go by a different name than the typical. For two selections within a single bet, it is called a double. For three, it is called a treble (not triple). Once you get to four selections, the name changes to a four-fold accumulator. From there onward, it continues with five-fold accumulator, six-fold accumulator, seven-fold accumulator, etc. It continues on indefinitely or to the max number of selections being included within a single bet. Technically, there is no such thing as an upper limit for the number of selections that can be included within a single bet. Unless it is specified by those whom you are betting through as a house rule, though that is not necessary. Since there is usually no limit, there is the potential to make huge bets and win some gigantic returns.

The way accumulator bets work is through the careful calculation that is made up of combining each selection included in the bet. The way this is done is a bit of a complicated process, but one that a pro bookmaker would be well familiar with. Your potential accumulator bet odds may be calculated through the careful conversion into decimals the individual fractional odds of each of the selections you've chosen for your bet. You would then multiply them together. When done right, if you are able to do so on your own at least, you will get a pretty accurate picture of what your winnings can look like with each total bet should it be a winning bet. This type of manual calculation is not the easiest to figure out, even for self-proclaimed mathematicians. That's definitely the case for odd numbers for bets, which can be even more tricky to figure out.

Why accumulator bet?

Due to its high odds and lower stake, not to mention the higher return potential, there is a reason why accumulator type bets are so popular. All sports seem to have accumulator betting in one form or another. It is probably obvious why accumulator betting is so tantalizing in that industry. Keep in mind that with accumulator bets, while you only win if all of the selections are correct in the wager, that also does a world of good for the possible payouts to be of a high caliber. Though, the exact amount will depend entirely up to you and how many selections you feel comfortable including within your wager.

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This is the type of betting that pros really enjoy the most, since it is a real step above the typical single bet. By increasing your odds, you are also increasing your potential winnings, while the stake remains exactly the same. Yes, that means that you can potentially spend $2 and try your chances at winning $500 or $5,000 simply by adding a few more selections to the bet. So, there is really nothing left to lose by potentially gaining a lot more than playing it safe with a singular bet type.

Let's say that you have three teams that are playing on the same night and you want to place a bet on each of them with multiple placements. An example of a winning accumulator bet for these would be if you bet on these three teams to win on the same night, having each team be a different placement within the same bet, you would have yourself a winning bet if all three teams win. In the case that one or more of the three teams you've bet on does not win, then you end up losing the whole bet, even if two out of the three teams win. When asking "what is an accumulator bet?" you have your answer right here, in a nutshell.


It's true that accumulator betting is higher risk, but that risk does not include a higher risk towards loss of expense from you, since the amount remains the same for how much you are putting on the table to take a chance with. The possibilities are as low as they would ordinarily be with accumulator betting. The amount of risk involved is completely in your hands as the one placing the bet. With that in mind, you now have all of the knowledge needed to figure out whether accumulator betting is right for you.

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